Going Global: The Lung Cancer Test licensed for distribution in India

Global Cancer Diagnostics Grants International License for The Lung Cancer Test™ to Hemogenomics Pharma Ltd.

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc. and Hemogenomics PVT Ltd. have announced the signing of a distributorship agreement for The Lung Cancer Test™. This agreement enables Hemogenomics to sell The Lung Cancer Test kits to medical laboratories in India. This partnership will continue GCDx’s expansion. The Lung Cancer Test™ was introduced in late 2014.

The Lung Cancer Test™ is recommended as annual screening for Lung Cancer in current and former smokers. The Test has clinically proven to detect Lung Cancer in early stages. Early treatment leads to higher survival rates.

Hemogenomics is addressing the need for, accurate and inexpensive diagnostic tests in India. They are headquartered in Bangalore India offering testing services and reagents. Hemogenomics will utilize partnerships with laboratories throughout India to provide the test. Information on The Lung Cancer Test™ in India can be obtained by contacting Hemogenomics at +91-98450-42005. More information in the U.S. can be obtained at www.TheLungCancerTest.com or by calling the Global Cancer Diagnostics (602) 908-9604.

In additional news, GCDx will present at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco January.13 – 15, highlighted as an emerging public company. They expect more than 300 companies, presenting to more than 4,000 investors and attendees. Global Cancer Diagnostics is meeting with companies to discuss national and international partnerships and licensing.

About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most fatal of cancers taking an estimated 158,000 lives annually in the U.S. 16.6% of those diagnosed in Stages 3 and 4 will live beyond 5 years. With early stage treatment, survival rates increase to more than 80%. Smoking is related in 80 to 90% of lung cancer. The CDC estimated in 2010 that there were 43.5 million smokers in the U.S. and a similar or greater number of former smokers.

About Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

Global Cancer announced a letter of intent to merge with QuantRx creating a publicly traded company offering additional cancer screening tests. The companies will introduce already developed screening tests for Endometrial, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer. QuantRx has a FDA approved and patented sample collection system for these cancers. Utilizing Global Cancer Diagnostic’s CLIA certified laboratory the new products are expected in 2016. Global Cancer Diagnostics is located in Tempe, Arizona. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.TheLungCancerTest.com.

About Hemogenomics PVT Ltd:

Hemogenomics was formed to help diagnose and prevent diseases by bringing appropriate technologies into India. “Our initial focus was on safety in blood transfusions – primarily to prevent spread of HIV and Hepatitis through infected blood,” said CEO Sumit Bagaria, MD. In association with Grifols (formerly Novartis Diagnostics), Hemogenomics currently markets Individual Donor Nucleic Acid Testing (ID-NAT) for screening donated blood.

Hemogenomics crossed the milestone of 2 million ID-NAT tests in India in 2014. Today, Hemogenomics employs 65 professionals located in all the six metros and most of the major cities.

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc.
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