Health Analytics Firm Heads Up Releases Health Tracking Dashboard to Enable Home Monitoring During COVID-19

Applying digital health technology to facilitate self-monitoring, remote diagnostics and reducing strain on hospital systems.

UPDATED: MAR 25, 2020 16:48 EDT

Image courtesy of Heads Up Health

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Scottsdale-based health analytics firm, Heads Up, has created a free version of their personal health dashboard that enables individuals to self-monitor their vital signs at home during the coronavirus outbreak and easily share their data with doctors or family members for remote monitoring.

The four vital signs on the Heads Up COVID-19 dashboard are the same measurements that doctors and nurses typically gather when a patient is triaged in the hospital: body temperature, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. The dashboard empowers individuals to track these metrics at home, using simple digital health technology, and to share their vitals remotely with their family or care team.

“I am currently seeing upwards of 150 patients per day via tele-medicine consultation during the pandemic,” said physician Dr. John Limansky. “Many of them are scared and just need some simple tools to know they are not at risk. Others are quite ill and these vital signs can help me determine when to tell them to stay home or when to head to the hospital. The more we can use remote monitoring to reduce the number of non-critical cases heading into the hospital, the better.”

The release of the free COVID-19 Dashboard comes at a time of heightened emphasis on remote medicine. The US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a new policy expanding the use of certain FDA-cleared vital sign-measuring devices so that health care providers can monitor patients remotely during the public health crisis.

Heads Up founder and CEO, Dave Korsunsky, realized his company already had a platform which could be easily customized to play an important role in this crisis. “Our goal with this free dashboard is to use digital health tools to help individuals more effectively monitor their health at home, enhance remote diagnostics by tele-medicine, and to reduce the number of people going to the hospital unnecessarily,” said Korsunsky.

The Heads Up special COVID-19 Dashboard is a free, streamlined version of their fully-featured health monitoring platform which is currently supporting over 30,000 users in 60 countries. 

The platform allows individual users to integrate cutting edge digital health devices, synchronize their medical records, and use data to make better health decisions.

Practitioners and clinics can deploy the software to their patients for remote monitoring and health coaching. Heads Up maintains strict privacy rules and the dashboard is available through a secure web browser.

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