Medtronic Wins Prestigious CATALYST Award

Jan. 16, 2020: Women play a vital role at Medtronic. From engineers building pacemakers and insulin pumps to sales representatives working in communities around the world, women at all levels of the organization are driving the company’s efforts to transform healthcare.


The Medtronic Mission, written in 1960, calls upon the company to recognize the worth of all employees. Announced today, Catalyst, a global nonprofit focused on accelerating progress for women, has recognized that commitment by awarding the company its 2020 Catalyst Award. Medtronic was one of three companies this year to earn the prestigious award, which is given to corporations driving global change by building workplaces that work for women.

“Medtronic’s winning initiative represents a comprehensive and well-integrated effort to build inclusion and advance women,” Catalyst President and CEO Lorraine Hariton said in a letter to Medtronic. “It is an excellent model for other organizations,” she added.

“Repeatedly, research tells us how diversity delivers a positive impact on better decision-making,” said Medtronic CEO and Chairman Omar Ishrak. “Diversity needs to exist at all levels of our organization, including the most senior levels. We need more women in management roles to help us achieve our goals and drive our Mission to improve patient lives.”

Medtronic’s winning initiative… is an excellent model for other organizations.

Lorraine Hariton, Catalyst President and CEO



Much of the company’s efforts to build an inclusive and diverse workplace has been led by the Medtronic Women’s Network (MWN), one of five Diversity Networks commissioned by Ishrak.


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