Picking Up The Pace

This Spring AZBio is picking up the pace with more ways for you and your bioscience team to Move Forward…Faster.  The process of acceleration requires that we connect, engage and collaborate each step of the way.  When we step it up, so can you. Each month this Spring we have opportunities for you to build new relationships, create new partnerships, and get noticed.


Some of the best connections start in a social setting where you can get to know  potential partners, learn about them, and they can learn about you.  Golf has long been an avenue where business leaders connect  with each other in an informal setting.  Fore AZBio is your chance to have some fun and get connected at the same time.  Join us April 20, 2012 at the beautiful Stone Creek Golf Club with your own hand picked Foursome or as an individual player and we will help you get connected.  Host a Hole and share your company’s story with the Golfers as they play through.  OR, if you are like Joan and the world is a safer  place when you don’t have a club in your hand, join us after play for the 19th Hole Networking Reception.


This May, take your level of engagement to a whole new level and join us for the AZBio EXPO 2012 at the beautiful, new GCU Arena in Phoenix on May 17th 2012.  This is your opportunity to showcase your science, share your expertise, and engage with the leaders who are moving us forward faster.  The first 10 years of Arizona’s Bioscience Road Map have focused on building infrastructure.  Our next 10 Years must focus on commercialization of these technologies.  It’s about connecting, engaging, and collaborating at a higher level both locally and nationally and it all starts when you get involved.  From science focused poster galleries to business focused exhibits and general sessions focused on the plan, the capital and the actions it wil take to move us all forward faster.   We’ve created a new exhibitor package in 2012 that is focused on delivering your  message YEAR ROUND with a combination of the traditional exhibit space, print advertising, and a new AZBio Expo Online that  gives you the opportunity to showcase your science and tell your story to visitors from anywhere… every day of  the year.


Collaborate  on the national stage with AZBIO and ACA  June 18-21  at the BIO International Convention in Boston.  This year’s Arizona Pavilion has been redesigned to put the focus on the wealth of opportunities Arizona has to offer.  With private meeting space where you can connect with partners, an interactive media display featuring the AZBio EXPO Online, and the opportunity to schedule and deliver your presentation LIVE From the Arizona Pavilion.  The world is gathering in Boston this June.  You need to be there too!

It’s time we all are Moving Forward…Faster and AZBio is your vehicle to help pick up the pace.  As members , we need to connect, engage, and collaborate so that over our next 10 years, Arizona pulls out into the lead in the creation and commercialization of the bioscience technologies that will…

  • Fuel the world
  • Feed the world
  • Sustain and Improve Health


About AZBio

 The Arizona Bioscience Industry is on the move and making great strides forward in discovering and delivering solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges:

  • Diagnosing and treating disease
  • Sustaining and Improving the quality of life with innovative medical devices
  • Developing new sources of green energy
  • Pioneering new science to feed the world
  • Creating solutions that are both sustainable AND affordable.

As Arizona’s statewide industry Association, AZBio is committed to working with our members across Arizona to support our industry as together we move forward faster.

To learn more about AZBio’s commitment… click here.

To learn how your company can become an AZBio member…click here.

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