TGen Celebrates 20 Years of Impact

20 years ago, TGen, the Translational Genomics Research Institute was a vision our community embraced. Today, TGen is an Arizona-based, nonprofit medical research institute dedicated to conducting groundbreaking research with life-changing results. TGen works to unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases, including cancer, neurological disorders, infectious disease, and rare childhood disorders. By identifying treatment options in this manner, TGen believes medicine becomes more rational, more precise and, well, more personal.In 2016, TGen joined forces with City of Hope to accelerate the speed at which scientists and medical staff convert research discoveries into cures for patients.  The alliance is based on a simple premise: City of Hope provides a state-of-the-art clinical setting in which to advance genomic breakthroughs made by TGen and provides City of Hope with access to TGen’s innovative genomics technologies, accelerating the speed with which scientific and medical staff can advance research discoveries into the clinic to benefit patients.



Going Forward, TGen is Hope



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